jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Develop Chrome Extensions IV

Some days ago i wrote how test your extensions.
Well I was planned to explain how to autoupdating your extension, so i have been trying to do it and I can not get it.
The problem has been very simple, has been imposible to get a hosting where locate a crx file to allow google chrome download the updated file.

Well, there is a solution for that. If you want your users get automatically your updates, you can upload the extension to the Chrome Market.
If you decide that you must to consider two important things

  1. first time to upload something you must pay 3,85€ or 5$
  2. you must to start to publish your extension as test.
The second one is very important.
Let´s see: if you upload an bad product and you recibe a poor puntation, in the future you will be curtailed to be a good creator.
I recomend you to publish your extension when you will be  sure that it is a good product.

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Developping chrome extensions III

You can feel reading this text that i am explain nothing about code. Ok it is right. I dont mind to explain developping techniques, i want to tell you steeps to get an extensin from the begin to the market.

Lets see... now you have a extension which you can add a button to a web, por example. Now its time to share it and start ti test for bugs. If you try to do it alone its imposible.
The best way is to tell it to your friends in G+ for example. Firstly you must to upload your crx file to Gdrive and share with your friends the link to this file.

How can i get a crx file?. the answer its very Easy

You must access to the extension properties page and you must check  the developper mode. Now appears new buttons. One of them is "package an extension". If you click here  you will be asked about the folder extension, and about a private key. If it is the first time, you must to leave blank the private key in other case you must to link to file generated first time, if you want to Chrome detects this as extension update.

After that, you will get a crx file.  Now you can host this crx file where you want and share the link with your friends.

In the next chapter will learn to get automatically updates.

Developping chrome extensions II

Now you are having a folder with all your files.
You are ready to test your extension.

As you can see in the upper picture, when you check developper mode appears different buttons. If you click in "load uncompressed extension" you will be asked about the location of the folder contains all files.

Once do it, will appears as a new extension in your panel and you will be able to test and debug it.

As a very light gide lines about your first extension... for example have you think about change the styles of a page getting something that you prefer instead the original? For example have you think about to get disapear the chat in Gmail?

Please check web reference about Jquery