Gmore for G+ 1.0 (obsolete)

This app is discontinued!

In fact, this extension is a natural evolution of "PicasaWeb for G +".
When I started the development of the previous extension, I had a very specific task, I raised other goals because I knew what I was capable. Now I see that my project is more likely that the button and I want to exploit PicasaWeb.

I present "Gmore for G +". The nature of this extension is simply to bring together a range of interface possibilities for G + in a single extension, so that instead of having an extension for everything, so that one can define what we want to change and what not .

Version 0.1:
In the first version, I will develop the inclusion of button PicasaWeb, they already had, the disappearance of chat, the disappearance of the suggestions of friends and groups of G + and of course the extension to the full page of stream +.
Currently and for the convenience of users, I have uploaded the extension in the Chorme market. I've posted as an extension in testing, so it is only available to Beta testter, if you're interested in trying it, is as simple as you send me an email and automatically enter in the test plan and you can enjoy automatic updates and can enjoy all the changes suffered by the extension.

· PicasaWeb button
· No Chat
· No Suggestions
· Extend Stream

V1.0 :  Current version
· Options Page
· You decide to activate or not each functionality
· Solved some bugs

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