miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Picasaweb for Google+ 1.0

This project is my first one personal project. I hope not the last.
I have decide to design an extension for Google Chrome to rescue an easy access to the public Picasaweb Gallery for each user.

Few weeks ago when you try to navigate to a public picasa gallery there was no problem, It wasn´t easy but you can see it. Now it´s imposible. Actually is not imposible but you must to know some tips to get access.

With this extension i want to get access everybody to the full functionality of picasaweb from Google+.

Next days i will public the extension. Now i am testing the first version.

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  1. Today google has decided to change the way to build the URL of G+ Pages.

    Now i am working to solve this.
    Early i will upload a beta version.